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Kingdom Vocational Training Centre

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KINGDOM YOUTH EMPOWERMENT VOCATIONAL TRAINING CENTER is found in Mbarara District at Naboth and ALICE\'S central church in Rwebishuri   .This association was started as a result of greater need to help the needy children at Guma Na Yesu Orphanage School. Guma Na Yesu Orphanage School is a full primary school with seven classes and a population of 700 pupils Today .The school started in 2007 as a church founded orphanage school to help educate the orphans and the needy children.


Each Academic year over 50 pupils finish their primary level at Guma Na Yesu Orphanage School, since there was no secondary school at Guma Na Yesu , These pupils would normally drop out of school with no help to continue their education ,Some of the Children would  end up on streets looking for petty jobs ,This practice had caused some of these children to engage in destructive behaviors like drug abuse, girls getting   married off at an early age .

Our target is mainly to engage these orphans who have finished p.7 and those who are about to finish , so that they become part of the project that will transform their lives.

The main goal of this project is to restore hope and a bright future of our youth by creating a wide and open opportunity to empower them, through small skilled business that will spawn and promote their lives.

We have categorized these programs into five groups

  1. carpentry and JOINERY (WOODWORK)

This is a great skill that helps the orphans especially boys to be able to earn a living and further their education through savings .We started with 5 children since we do not have enough tools.

We also have an experienced carpenter who teaches carpentry .This is a two year course, therefore we started with primary five class so that by the time they finish primary seven, they will be fully equipped with full knowledge in carpentry and joinery. We shall increase on the number of intake once we acquire enough tools and resources to run and facilitate the program.


This Program was selected as an ideal activity that could help the orphans to both earn a living and be able to feed as well. We have not started on this program as yet as it requires capital.

We initially suggested starting with 500 layers; these normally take 2 months to mature. Well fed and looked after, this could harvest over 60 trays of eggs everyday and a tray of eggs goes for 8000 ug shillings that is about 5$ US DOLLARS @ tray. 60 Trays would mean 300$ US Dollars saved everyday. This money can be saved and be used to further their education (orphans)


Goat keeping is one of the most profitable income generating activities in Uganda today .Goats are easy to look after and their yields are high. A goat goes for 100,000-150,000 Uganda shillings, that is 60 $ US Dollars. We believe this will bring in a lot savings .The children will be able to continue their secondary education through these savings .We have started with Two goats and we shall increase on the number of goats kept with time as soon as resources are available.

In today’s world a computer has become an important tool, we therefore want to make it possible for every child to be computer literate. This program involves every child at Guma Na Yesu Orphanage School. We have made it a point of the curriculum and once In a week every class gets to learn about the computer. We have three dedicated and experienced teachers who use, once the facilitation is available, we hope to have a dedicated classroom block, well equipped with computers (computer laboratory) where computer lessons will be conducted.

We teach sewing as a skill, to children, we started with 10 children, since we do not have enough sewing machines. We hope to increase on the number of intake as soon as the resources are available .Once the Children are through with their primary level they can start their own businesses of making clothes , we have already realized benefits of this program because some of the pupils can now make uniforms for the rest of the kids. We give enough time to practice and perfect their newly acquired skills .This has both benefited the school and the pupils them selves.


  1. To promote self sustaining and equip beneficiaries (orphans) with skills that will help them achieve their future dreams
  2. To start income generating projects such as poultry farming ,goat keeping ,and other small scale businesses which will raise the standards of living and further orphans studies.
  3. To create an environment of hope and shape the future of this young generation and disengage them from the activities that might ruin their lives like drug abuse, early marriage for girls.
  4. To create a wall that will safeguard the youth from engaging in destructive to a more creative and useful environment that will promote discipline and self reliance.


  1. Lack of resources and facilities to enable this project advance. Enough capital is needed to engage all programs effectively.
  2. Lack of enough space (Land) to put all the programs and activities for easy co-ordination
  3. More teachers and trainers are needed; therefore their facilitation in form of salaries is not yet available.


  1. The construction KINGDOM VOCATIONAL TRAINING CENTRE   has started   in Rwebishuri Mbarara. To be equipped with the necessary facilitation like classrooms, workshops, latrines. And an office. Though the space available is not enough.
  2. Construction of a poultry farm house (chicken house) this will be a standard construction as recommended by the district health and veterinary officer. Before the program starts.
  3. We need to acquire enough tools that will facilitate our programs. We need to have enough sewing machines (20), carpentry tools, and enough computers to run the program (10) recommended.
  4. After the training , there id need to equip the beneficiaries of these programs with tools to start off their business ,example if a group of five is blessed with a sewing machine at the end of each course , this group could use this as an opportunity to kick start their careers or businesses and this program will have achieved its goal

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