Women Of Purpose

Began in 1992 September 12th under the initiative of Alice Susan Tumuhairwe ,wife to Evangelist Naboth k Tumuhairwe.

As the church was in the second year of its Birth , and being both Alice and Naboth shephards of God's flock .there was need that Women realize their position in  Church .

Many women had a thought that they were to listen to men , see men do miracles and all church activities , in other words women wre so passive and inferior in church, rather than just listening to men preach and do all church work.

God gave Alice a vision on women to let them understand their values in God's ministry and see themselves through  towards the goal.
The aim of beginning ''WOMEN OF PURPOSE MINISTRY'' was to motivate women to work for God and realize themselves as purposeful to God and to people .

This ministry involves

  • home to home out reaches for women
  • women seminars to train them both spiritually through the bible and physically to maintain their families' discipline and welfare.

Since then , the Women of purpose ministry has now about 20 branches with in the country , we have preached to women in churches and open air meetings , Made seminars to teach women reach their goal

Presently ,this ministry is planning to spread good news of Jesus to more parts of the country and even out of the country.
God has done great things in the lives of women through this ministry ,women no longer put them selves lower and inferior instead they are leaders in churches,they have helped their families grow under the strong foundation of faith in Christ Jesus.  You can be part of us in this ministry by standing with us to change the lives of women in the entire world by contacting us.

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