Moms In Touch Ministries

Began 1999 october Under the initiative of ALICE SUSAN TUMUHAIRWE , wife to evangelist Naboth K Tumuhairwe, after studying the situations which most women are facing -i.e -orphaned children
-violences in families
-drug adicts in Youth e.t.c

This ministry was began to let women gather together and pray to God concerning these problems
Its a ministry that gathers women and has specific time and is devoted to prayer.

Alice has many other partners doing the same under this ministry , we visit schools and teach them the purpose of prayer and how to do it ,many violences  in homes have been put to an end in homes and schools , we teach the youth to realize the worst outcome of drug addiction backed by Biblical teaching ,we have established schools through prayer to cater for many orphans ,one of the schools is ''VOICE OF JOY KIDS SCHOOL''

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