Partner with us

We are grateful to the Lord for you Partners and friends. Without you, our ministry and the projects will not go ahead. We thank you.

We are also grateful to the following Specific Partners who have stood with us in several of our projects.

Jon & Ann Dunagan of Harvest Ministry in the US.

They have stood with us so much. We are grateful for the support towards Guma na Yesu Children's centre, National Evangelism Team Support NETS among others . Naboth and Alice met Jon and Ann of harvest ministry , back in November  1991 , Naboth had spent 6 years in salvation . He was invited to interprete for Evangelist Jon Dunagun during mission crusade in Mbrarara November 1991. It was after this crusade with Evangelist Jon that Naboth was inspired to start evangelism with the support of one peavy speaker and a microphone that was left to him to start with spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ .  

Jon and Ann have also supported Naboth and Alice in the start up and building  of Guma na yesu Children's centre which is located on a hilltop at Gumanayesu Redeemed Church in Makenke Mbarara opposite the miltary barracks  click here to visit GUMA NA YESU CHILDREN'S CENTRE 

East Olympia community church 

East Olympia community church in the USA is a long time friend of Gumanayesu Ministries , been supporting Evangelism with and other Guma Na Yesu ministry projects through Jon and ANN Dunagan of Harvest ministry

 Acts Church Ashevielle Pastor Todd and Julie Eaton

Naboth and Alice are friends with Pastor Todd and Julie Eaton of Acts Church in ASHVIELLE , acts church has been great partners and friends with Gumanayesu ministry since 2001. Through holding annual conferences for women , men and the youth every year Acts church sends ministers to Africa to help to preach the gospel of Jesus Chirist to Ugandans hosted by Naboth  and Alice Tumuhairwe 

The IAM NETWORK WITH Rev Steve and Melinda Scroggs 

Naboth and Alice Have partnered with Rev Steve and Melinda Scroggs to reach African Nations and Beyond with the good news of Jesus Christ, through this we have seen several souls come to Christ , since 2010 , when AFRICA MY DREAM Network was launched many souls have been reached and leaders equipped to spread the good news of Jesus Christ to the unreached . Evangelist  Naboth and Rev Steve Scroggs share one birthday they are twin brothers from different Nations . 


 “Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.”  -Ryunosuke Satoro

Gumanayesu Ministries invites anyone willing to partner with us . If you are interested in volunteering with Gumanayesu Ministries  be prepared for an experience that will change your life your life, Gumanayesu Ministries go out of there way to make you feel welcome and the work that you do can make such a difference the lives of God's people and Children 



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